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Department of Art & Art History Travel Blog

Showcasing students' travel experiences, as funded by the department.

Summer 2022: Emmy Shouse

Thanks to the Art History department and the Wolfgang Art Scholarship, I was able to spend nine days in Paris, France during May 2022. This trip allowed me to conduct research for my honors thesis, immerse myself in Francophone culture, and explore an area of the world I had never visited before. Having never visited Paris before, I was excited to finally see sights I once only dreamed of. Through purchasing a Paris Museum Pass and a metro pass, I was able to visit almost a dozen French museums and institutions. For six days, I hopped from museum to museum […]

Spring 2022: Gabrielle Clark

I was seeing trauma portrayed by artists but for various things such as family, culture, friends, career, and also relationships. While realizing this, I became interested in seeing curation and how the works are displayed including in relation to separate artist works.

Fall 2021: Julia Wolffe

These galleries gave me glimpses into the art world and society in the 1920s, which in turn helped me develop a deeper understanding of how fashion impacted society in this decade. Through various mediums such as furniture, decorative arts, paintings, drawings, and sculptures, visiting MoMA gave me a more comprehensive view of the 1920s art world.

Winter 2019: Makayla Mikesell

traveled to New York City last winter to explore the vast array of art museums that this beautiful city has to offer. During my trip, I was treated to an exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum called Making Marvels: Science and Splendor at the Courts of Europe. This exhibition was extremely relevant to my studies in Dr. Libby’s Art and Science class.


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